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We are the driving force behind long-term talent acquisition excellence.

Syrian Elite is a consulting agency that collaborates with enterprise and societal executives to address their most pressing difficulties and grasp their most enticing prospects.

We can provide you with HR best practices advice regardless of how big or little your personnel issue is.

We can assist you in cutting through all that lost time, concentrating on the business, and appreciating what you are supposed to accomplish with our proven technique of pulling you out of the trap.


With the assistance of an in-house HR team, we have got you covered!


Our performance is based on a supportive climate and a diverse network of people dedicated to constantly making the environment and each other firmer.

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Our Mission

The Issues We Resolve for Our Customers

Here are some of the issues that HR Leaders bring to us when they initially contact us:

Search for Applicants

The employment market has constricted, and clients must not only wait extended periods to fill positions available - but also ensure they choose the "perfect" individual for the job.

Increasing Leadership Abilities

Usually, we hear about customers who need assistance from managers who are "technicians" but lack the skills to efficiently get things done through others or customers who need to train their leaders of tomorrow.

People and Strategy Alignment

Many of our clients are seeking novel ways to connect their teams, functions, and organizations with the strategies and goals that are most important to organizational success.

Increasing Talent Pool

We talk with customers concerned about developing top talent and ensuring succession for crucial roles. They must have the right personnel in the right positions appropriately.

Employee Engagement

Companies must provide a unique workforce to retain their employees, particularly ensuring their effectiveness. They also face the additional burden of turnover costs.

Putting Together High-Performance Teams

Many clients seek our assistance in breaking down barriers among team members, fostering more genuine connections, and fostering team cohesion and mission to establish high-performing teams.

Our History

Syrian Elite Human Resource Consultants advise their clients in different sectors. In each niche, we have vast industry experience and several networks built on both expertise and capabilities of your consultant. We keep our reputation at the best level for being the best service provider in the industry.