Sectors We Serve

Information technology is a technical field built on the shoulders of motivated, passionate, and highly-qualified technical employees. Here at Syrian Talents, we pick the most passionate and qualified technical Syrian information technology employees and match them to the top-notch information technology sector companies throughout the Gulf countries. As UAE increasingly becomes a tech-savvy country, especially Dubai, here at Syrian Elite, we recognize the importance of high-quality and passionate employees from all over the globe needed in UAE to make it a highly cosmopolitan country. Syrian Elite mainly works with Syrian talent, suitable and perfectly appropriate to match the needs and specifications of fast-paced and responsible industries like the information technology sector.

We only provide the most legitimate, highly vetted, and thoroughly screened employees for the information technology sector and match them with employment opportunities they are seeking for.

The construction sector is considered the major source of economic growth and development, and this industry plays a vital role in uplifting and developing the country's economy.

Syrian Elite identifies the relevant role of the construction and infrastructure industry in the growth and development of the Middle East to make it the highly diverse region that it has become today. The industry is diversified as it involves many clients such as property developers, builders, material contractors, and suppliers. It also brings cost-effective building solutions where all clients play an active role in making the contract successful.

With so much involvement and continuous evolution in the sector, the selection and recruitment of talented candidates’ requirements to meet and surpass the growing demands of this industry. We at Syrian Elite offer easy recruitment solutions to businesses in the construction field to get their talent needs.

Maritime sector accounts for 80% of the economy. Especially a country by the sea collects most of its economic revenue from maritime activities like seafood trades through ports and cargo. Besides that, cruise ships, major manufacturing factories by the ports, and attractive beaches that enhance the country's tourism rate also influence the country's economy by a high notch. The same is the case with many Gulf area countries like Dubai, Oman, and Qatar, which collect most of their revenue through maritime activities on ports and beach tourism. To keep these industries alive and running, there is a significant need for a motivated and passionate workforce in Gulf countries. This is where the Syrian Elite can help you.

Running a maritime sector business in a Gulf country and looking for pre-vetted screened and trained employees? We can help recruit the best talent for your company which matches the working style and pace of your organization. We have a huge pool of talent waiting to connect with their preferred employers, and you could be one of them.

Gulf countries are rich in oil and raw materials, but they need the talent to build their sectors and lift up their organizations. Syrian Elite is here to match the most passionate and motivated along with the most highly-qualified workforce that matches up to the working pace, style, and type of work needed in Gulf countries.

With the aim of becoming the biggest manufacturing hub in the world, UAE is building companies and amping up the country's local production. As more and more manufacturing businesses dug their claws in the Gulf countries' region, the need for a bigger manufacturing employee pool is increasing simultaneously. Syrian Elite helps Gulf companies recruit talented, motivated, and passionate employees for Gulf country organizations.

From high-position officials to mid-level managers and contractors and low-level workforce working in manufacturing factories, the Syrian Elite recruits the right kind of talent for all companies in the information technology sector.

UAE is regarded as the pinnacle for the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry within the Middle Eastern region with the presence of global and highly renowned brands within the world’s largest shopping malls in addition to the multivariate shopping outlets. It is of great prestige to mention that almost every globally recognizes brand has its strong existence in UAE with several new brands emerging every new day.

Syrian Elite has joined an alliance with several globally leading FMCGs as well as global retailing firms in addition to the local companies, suppliers, and distributors across MENA to promote an unparalleled supply of the senior as well as the executive talent to our astute customers.

Our insightful understanding of the dynamic customer markets not only within the UAE but across the entire Middle Eastern and North African region guarantees that we are always well equipped and informed on the recent advancements, consumer platforms, and market insights pertaining to talent acquisition and management in FMCG sector.

Syrian Elite caters to a range of sectors, including the Energy sector as well. With years of experience under our official recruiter’s belt, we pick just the right kind of talent suitable for the energy sector.

Besides talent, we serve the Energy sector with the most on-time and high-quality talent that is most appropriate for the fast-paced profession of the energy sector. Our talent acquisition services for the Energy sector are customized to every company’s needs and specifications; finding fully vetted and legitimate talent will take your company to the height of success. From senior-position officials to mid-level employees and a low-level workforce, the Syrian Elite has the most appropriate and suitable talent for companies working in the energy sector.

Syrian Elite works with the aim to make talent requisition easy and make the HR process of Energy sector companies legitimate, time-saving, efficient, and extremely effective. Borders don’t limit us; our talent requisition services equally cater to all Gulf countries.

The Medicine and Pharmaceutical sector demand new and fresh graduates every year, as the old ones keep moving to better opportunities and private medical professions. For hospitals to run smoothly and a country to maintain its health and medical sector, the need for pharma employees is continuously increasing.

Are you a pharma student or professional looking to step into the pharmaceutical sector or a huge pharma company looking to recruit passionate and highly-qualified pharma employees? Then you have come to just the right platform.

Here at Syrian Elite, we help talent from all over the Gulf countries find their preferred and suitable jobs. Be it high-level pharmaceutical officials, mid-level managers, quality control administrators, or even low-level factory workers in pharma labs, the Syrian Elite has a massive pool of talent for your company.

Our professional and experienced healthcare and management sector, including the pharmaceutical industry, train employees to join the biggest names in the pharmacy sector and help them find stable jobs quickly and easily.

The Syrian Elite knows the hospitality belief, which is why we can find the right talent for our business owners in the hotels, restaurants, and hospitality sectors. Our dedicated, talented team of acquisition experts specializes in our specialty's key areas with business owners in the hotel and restaurant sectors.

At Syrian Elite, we attempt to deliver professional and customized recruitment solutions to ease the pressure of the Human Resource process for our clients. Our committed and result-driven team provides great services that benefit our clients and skilled candidates. The primary areas of our specialty that we cover are Chef, General Hospitality Management, Front Office, Hotel Operations management, and Food Service Operations Management.

At Syrian Elite, our healthcare HR support is designed to make your life and staff recruitment easier. Many Human Resource challenges in the healthcare sector can assist you in preparing for any circumstances. HR in healthcare encompasses more than keeping staff effective and having policies and procedures while approaching an incident. It can assist you in avoiding legal problems.

Since so many healthcare sectors interact with patients, it is essential to ensure that protocols are comprehended of how those interactions occur. Syrian Elite can help you design the right system to follow HR management in the healthcare industry that will keep your mind easy during a critical situation. Reaching out to us is easy; contact us today and find more about healthcare HR services.

Telecom industry is a fast-paced and competitive sector that adds to a country's economy and revenue to a great extent.

As Gulf countries seek to become extremely tech-savvy, cosmopolitan, and competitive leaders of the Asian block, they are looking to ramp up their Retail and Telecom sectors as well. This is where the Syrian Elite comes into the picture and helps recruiters find the most perfectly suitable and appropriate employment opportunities.

We have the most highly qualified, certified, vetted, trained, and passionate pool of employees, belonging from the high-positioned officials, and mid-level managers, to low-working workers ready to join your organization and help them climb the heights of success.

The main focus and aim of the Syrian Elite are to make the HR recruitment process easy for both the employees and the employers. We seek to make talent requisition more efficient, effective, time-saving, and influential for both companies and the employees.

The oil and gas sectors are the two major industries in the energy market that play an essential role in the global economy as the world's primary fuel. These sectors have been the culminating force behind the growing economy of the Middle East and the broader region for more than five decades. The growth of this sector is unstoppable, and it endeavors to grow as the main factor flagging the way forward.

Syrian Elite recognizes, understands, and appreciates the prominence and demand of the oil and gas sector in contributing to the local economy. This sector leverages the expertise of its proficient consults and teams of experts to help the companies operate in the energy sector worldwide to meet its varying demands for qualifying personnel and talent management.

As the region becomes the new revolution in the solar and renewable energy sector, Syrian Elite is here to ensure that our client's dynamic demands should meet at all the desired levels.

Syrian Elite, we take full advantage of our sound reputation and global representation across different sectors. Property and Real Estate is one sector where we dominate when it comes to talent acquisition services.

We have a team of experts who skilfully recruit talent in property and real estate jobs.  We offer businesses operating in Property and Real Estate markets across the Middle East and GCC region.

Our team source talented candidates for our valued clients at all levels that cover wide-ranging positions such as development, valuation, and research, asset management, investment, property management, building management, and leasing/brokerage. We offer customized and tailor-made solutions to clients and candidates alike.

Business services are referred to as the activities that assist business yet does not deliver a tangible commodity. For instance, Information technology is one such business service that supports various other business services such as shipping, procurement and finance. Most of the businesses today are inclined towards such specialized business services

Heavy machinery is constantly thriving as the Middle East's construction sector revives. This sector demands the right talent; finding the right one has become difficult. Due to the increasing demands for big construction projects, the automobile sector requires talented workers to ensure business development and progress.

It is no secret that the automobile industry always needs highly skilled, talented individuals and professionals to handle various tasks. Many big automotive companies are looking for talented candidates with active and technical skills and experience in this industry, but they find it hard to source them.

Here is when you need Syrian Elite; we help our clients find the right match for their company. We identify skilled, experienced, and passionate employees for them. We also assist them in finding tool designers, mechanical designers, mechanics, process planners, drill operators, and many other professionals in this industry.

Syrian Elite truly understands the importance of having skilled, talented, and qualified staff to keep the business running smoothly. We cover a team of experts available for our clients because of their transport, logistics, courier, and warehousing needs solutions.

Suppose you own a business and are looking for positions in the logistics and warehousing sector or want to hire potential candidates for a vacancy in domains such as transportation, logistics, courier, and warehousing. In that case, Syrian Elite can be your solution, and we can fulfill your talents by finding the right talent in your logistics operations.

We at Syrian Elite provide high-quality talent procurement services to employers and talents. We pay excellent attention to details to the needs of our clients and candidates to make your business successful.

Whether it is schools, universities, or colleges, all educational institutions rely on their staff to provide the utmost education to their students. Yet, it is crucial to ensure all Human Resource issues are considered to keep staff engaged, productive, active, and consistently delivering outstanding student results.

Educational institutions often have difficulty hiring the right staff; it is about giving students the best education. But having good HR management in place can inspire staff loyalty.

Some of the HR considerations that all administrations in the education sector need to be aware of include:

  • Industry-specific safety and health issues
  • Pre-employment vetting checks
  • Training and development of staff
  • Compliance with government standards

Syrian Elite has experience in working with a wide range of organizations across the educational sector. We understand this sector's concerns are often unaddressed and result in poor employee performance and high staff revenue.