Bulk/Project Hiring

Any growing business today has only one goal to bring the services, products, or experiences to the end customers. With the era of digitalization and technology encouraging comforts and things to reach the target audience, did you ever wonder how? Through the company representatives, these are individuals you hire in figures and not have them go via a series of interviews and much scrutiny. Companies have their basic criteria for the recruitment process, but still, many companies don`t follow the screening method they should.

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These people represent your company`s brands to the potential end customers and become your company`s future; they review and create your brand image; in short, you rely on them. In this scenario, bulk or project hiring becomes a little tricky, and for you, we customize our solutions to your requirements. Here are the solutions we provide companies with the process of project hiring people.

Screening of Resumes with Technological Tools

Because of the population and growing employment ratios, the screening method is a must-to-do task. The response from the screening resumes can be intimidating for any recruitment manager. The concept of project hiring does not allow the screen of CVs or resumes one-by-one personally; that is why we screen resumes by filtering them with the appropriate keywords that are the right selection criteria for your company. It is the mechanical or technical soundness, educational qualification, languages known, etc.

Our technological tools support the screening volumes of resumes in a little time, and we generate a bulk of suitable candidates for you. We save your time by doing the screening process so that you can utilize that time in developing training strategies for those selected candidates.

Database of Right Candidates

We collaborate with various colleges, institutions, and universities across the country and recognize the unique kind of talents that will be the best suitable for your business and give you the right database of candidates.

We pay keen attention to the details and conditions you are looking for in your workplace and find the right workforce.

Post-Hiring Assistance

When there is a need for a bulk project or recruitment hiring, the job nature becomes unstable, so policies need to be produced according to it for the smooth and soft functioning of the company. We at Syrian Elite understand the importance of that.

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