Head Hunting

Syrian Elite Consultancy offers great talent services such as an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). It is a solution for making the recruiting process easier by knowing all the job specifications of the employees. With our fine suggestions, you will always know you could be the best fit for the roles you are looking to fill in the hiring process in HR management.

We understand that being a growing or developed company, sometimes it is not easy to pick the right candidate for the ongoing tasks of the company. That is why we take your headache away by taking all your recruitment responsibilities into our hands.

An in-depth study of the responsibilities, duties, and competencies essential to perform a job for the applicant assists in analyzing the job. Syrian Elite identifies the easiest way to communicate your superior values and distribute the good news to get prospects.

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The HR process is not about running a long process of hiring to complete the task and show off the clients with the ongoing work; instead, it is about making the clients satisfied during and after the completion of the project. Therefore, after completing the job analysis, we advertise for potential applicants in newspapers and online. Screening the right applicant employing proper documentation and early processing after receiving the pre-approval for recruitment. Our dedicated and expert recruitment staff are well experienced and trained in each area. We run and outsource different talent to the appropriate industry sectors by giving them the best HR services.

Our HR consultancy firm takes significant efforts in recognizing competent individuals and verifying their credentials before sending them to abroad companies. We have a team and group of experts who look into all the matters of paperwork and legal documentation. Your business` security is our priority, and we always give our best output to provide you with all the basic security your business deserves. We contain a database of different skills and recruit further candidates through job adverts and positions on renowned social media platforms, job websites, and national daily newspapers.

Giving you access to connect yourself with Industry top talents

We offer a reliable and motivated workforce that is not only result-oriented but keen to explore new aspects of the business world.